Sustainable Tourism

The island’s cultural heritage and natural environment is at the heart of what we do, therefore it’s in our interest to do whatever we can to preserve it. With that in mind we have produced our Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Policy.

Office environment
We operate from a home office, whilst this makes it difficult to distinguish exactly which resources are used by the business and the home, it gives a strong incentive to live in an environmentally sustainable manner. Simple steps like using energy saving bulbs, power-saving computer hardware, corresponding by email and using the internet to reduce our use of printed brochures and material are all ways in which our office environment helps reduce our carbon footprint.

For general travel we use modern fuel efficient vehicles, with low CO2 emissions. For larger groups with hire a minibus where necessary, which further reduces our carbon footprint by avoiding the use of multiple vehicles.

Recycling and Waste
We have a commitment to recycling and are actively trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills, in particular we are trying to replace the use of plastic sandwich bags with biodegradable sandwich bags and make greater use of composting.

The Environment
The natural environment is centre to our work, so it’s vital we preserve it. With this in mind, where possible we stick to established trails to avoid foot-step erosion, we take care not to damage plants or disturb wildlife and we practice a “Leave no trace” litter policy, ie: we take all litter even biodegradable waste with us and dispose of it properly once we are at suitable facilities.

Local People and Communities
We do our utmost to support local people and businesses, for example all the accommodation we recommend are family owned businesses. We support local restaurants by bringing groups to lunch, we support a local vineyard by offering the chance to taste local wine after certain walks and we try to encourage visitors to venture out of their hotels and the major tourist resorts to discover more local culture and food.

Environmental Education
We are passionate about Tenerife, and we work hard to inform our customers about the history and natural environment of the island. Our aim is that everyone we take out on a tour leaves with a greater appreciation of the landscape, culture and heritage, and feels inspired to share it with others.

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