Tenerife Almond Blossom

From the middle of January into the first weeks of February, walkers in Tenerife are treated to the beautiful spectacle of the Almond Trees coming into flower, their pinkish white blossom is one of the clearest indicators that spring is returning to the island.

Almonds remain widely cultivated on the island, however there are many trees left behind in abandoned farmland and others which have gone wild colonising the slopes of valleys, or sharing space with the native pines at the peripheries of the Corona Forestal.

There are several popular walks including the Ruta del Almendra (Almond Route) from Santiago del Teide to Arguayo or the Chinyero and Volcan de Garachico route from San Jose de Los Llanos.

But almonds are found throughout the island and at this time of year almost any walk in the uplands (save for the National Park) will give you ample opportunity to see them in flower.

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