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All of our walks are graded to give you an indication of their difficulty and level of fitness required. Tenerife is a mountainous island characterised by valleys and ridges rising to high mountain plateaus and 3,000+m peaks. Most walks are on trails and footpaths which can be rocky and steep in places, but offer spectacular views and stunning scenery.

The increasing difficulty of our walks from Easy to Challenging generally reflect an increasing level of stamina and fitness rather than technical ability. On some moderate or challenging walks a short easy scramble (use of hands as well as feet) may be required to reach a summit, but the bulk of the walk tends to remain on established paths and trails. Walks graded as Extreme, require greater levels of fitness and are not recommended for beginners.


Walks graded as Easy tend to involve limited ascent/descent 350m (1,150 feet) and usually won't exceed a distance of 10km (6.25 miles), they remain on good footpaths and trails and typically avoid steep gradients.


Walks graded as moderate tend to involve moderate amounts of ascent or descent, but never more than 600m (2,000 feet) and distances will not exceed 16km (10 miles). These routes remain on Footpaths & Trails but are occasionally steep & rocky.


Challenging walks involve greater amounts of ascent/descent (up to 1,000m -3,300 feet) over tougher terrain and may cover distances of up to 20km (12.5 miles), these routes are frequently steep and rocky. May include some off trail walking and scrambling. Good level of fitness required.


Routes graded as Extreme are designed to present a challenge even for experienced and seasoned hill-walkers. They will involve ascents in excess of 1,000m (3,300 feet) often at high-altitude and may cover distances in excess of 20km (12.5 miles). We expect all fit and experienced hill-walkers to complete these routes, however those new to hillwalking may prefer to try a route graded as moderate or challenging to benchmark themselves first.

Please note these gradings may differ from those used by other companies or organisations and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the required level of fitness necessary to complete the walks.

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