Wildlife in Tenerife


(Fringillidae) Atlantic Canary

The Atlantic Canary is a small passerine bird in the Finch family, contrary to popular belief they are not bright yellow, but instead tend to have a mixture of yellow and grey plumage, with the yellow markings been more common on the breast and being more striking on males than females.

Tenerife Lizard or Western Canaries Lizard

The Tenerife lizard is endemic to Tenerife and the neighbouring island of La Palma (A similar separate species is found on El Hierro and La Gomera). Unlike other species in its genus the Tenerife Lizard is very common and not threatened. Adult males develop bright colours which makes them a favourite with tourists who frequently feed them ripe bananas and other fruit which they seem to enjoy immensely.

(Fringillidae) Blue Chaffinch

The Blue Chaffinch is a near threatened species which nests in Canary Island pine trees and can be found between 1100-2000m. Breeding from May to July, it builds its nest in a tree fork, and lays two eggs. The blue chaffinch eats mostly seeds, but unlike other finches it feeds its young almost exclusively on insects. The breeding male boasts largely blue plumage and grey bill. The female is dark grey-brown, with weak colour bars on their wings. This species is not migratory.

(Cheloniidae) Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The loggerhead sea turtle is a frequent visitor to the Canary Islands and is an endangered species, females return to lay their eggs on the same beaches where they hatched.

(Delphinidae) Bottlenose dolphin

The bottle-nose dolphin is the most commonly sighed marine mammal in the waters around Tenerife, frequently found around fish-farms, these happy-go-lucky creatures can be frequently be spotted on the whale and dolphin safaris.

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